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Growing Up in ITSC

One of the main things I have seen consistently throughout the years is Leadership’s preaching. They have always preached holiness, righteousness and the truth. As a child I can remember they would always preach whatever God put on their heart to preach.

Takendra G.

Just to have someone tell you that and to be aware of that kind of opens your eyes spiritually in a different way and as a young person the youth ministries were very beneficial to me, as they helped break down these concepts into bite-sized pieces so that I could apply them to my life.

Erik R.

I am now 22 and what has kept me all this time is the example of leadership and their children, Minister Rachel and Minister Josiah.

I’ve seen them never give up despite obstacles and the challenges they face, which are similar to those I’ve had to endure.


Charity G.

Truly, that has been what leadership has been for me personally.

I have seen how they have walked a life in Christ, godliness, holiness and how they have encouraged the saints to live lives where we have a personal relationship with God.


Jordan R.

I finally had CLEAN LEADERS that taught and lived by precept and example.

While so many teens my age were turning into adults too fast and being ensnared by the enemy, this Ministry snatched me out of the fire and taught me how to be a witness and to stand in the midst of adversity.

Jacque G.