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Women For An Emergency

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Heaven: “911, what’s your emergency?”
Church: “Help!”
Heaven: “What’s happening?”
Church: “The thief has broken in to steal, to kill, and to destroy!”
Heaven: “Is anybody hurt?”
Church: “Yes, the whole body!”
Heaven: “Help is on the way!”
Holy Ghost: “Dispatch?”
Michael: “At your command!”
Holy Ghost: “Sound the trumpet!  Gather the hosts and report to Immanuel's Temple post haste! The Woman of God in dauntless manner akin to that of Queen Esther, has gathered the cunning and mourning women to bombard heaven, and I cannot deny them.”
Michael: “A rescue mission on the behalf of Prophetess Owens, my Lord?”
Holy Ghost: ”No, it’s more than a rescue mission, it’s war!”

This war began on August 8, 1997 and it continues.  “Women Called For An Emergency” was the first mission.  Under God-given authority and by strict obedience, Prophetess Patricia A. Owens leads the battle with great zeal and godly jealousy for the Lord and His church.  Driven by her charge, she has commissioned women and vetted them through flesh killing strategies, upholding the highest standards of sanctification, holiness, and righteousness.  The call, “You Have Been Drafted” (‘98) enlisted women into this Special Ops battalion, Daughters of Destiny, who are inducted only after proving faithfulness and demonstrating their ability to follow and fight.

Year after year through the decades. Battle after battle the fight rages on. New levels and new devils but the objectives to give up no ground and “Don’t Forget God” (‘00) remain.  There have been enemies from without and enemies from within as the universal church suffers damage through the covert operations of enemy infiltration.  Nevertheless, Dr. Owens continues to shine the light unashamedly and uncompromisingly, admonishing the church through corrections and rebukes.  She calls out the offenses with messages like, “Don’t Make Me Peculiar, I’m Trying to Fit In” (‘01), “We Can Do Better” (‘03), or “A Life of Regrets or a Life of Righteousness - Rewards” (‘04) and “Remember Lot’s Wife” (‘05).

What a war!  Dr. Owens continues to epitomize the uniquely combined characteristics of valor, honor, tenacity, humility, and compassion, as evidenced by the multitudes of souls impacted by her ministry.  Understanding the perils and the needs of an ever growing battalion of women around the world, she seeks out their refuge in the safest place by yielding herself to the perfect will of God.  She understands that godly Instruction and encouragement are vital for the battles and the weapons of this warfare are not carnal.  Winning requires, being holy, “What’s Wrong With Being Holy, God Is - www.BH.GOD.IS” (‘12), “Don’t Give In, Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give Out, Give It All You’ve Got” (‘20), acknowledging that you may be, “Unknown But Significant” (‘16), but keep your, “Commitment” (‘13) through “The R.U.T.H Season” (‘14) - Relentlessly Undergoing Tough Happenings, and maintain your identity in God, “The Potter and the Vessel” (‘17), while recognizing “The Accountability of Choice” (‘19), knowing you can go, “FA.R. - Faithfully Astonish the Righteous” (‘18) when you remain in truth.  She encourages the troops, “D.C.Y.M.A.G - Don’t Change Your Mind About God” (‘15) and you will understand the difference between “Transparent vs. Transformed” (‘21)  knowing that now, “It’s Time For Miracles” (‘22).  

What a calling!  What a woman of God!  What will be next?  You can find out by joining us for our next annual Women’s Day all on Sunday, August 6, 2023 in person at, Immanuel’s Temple, 2610 Fire Mesa, Las Vegas, NV. 89128 or live stream on Youtube ( and Facebook (  However you decide to join us, we know you will be blessed. See you soon!