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The Rock: Book 2 Part 1

As we begin our study in the book II Peter, we found in the book or letter of I Peter, the Apostle Peter dealt with the problems from outside; but in the book II Peter he deals with the problems from within, which can often be more difficult. He compelled the Believers at this time to be very mindful of their personal walk with Christ. Peter also reminded them although God may be long suffering and patient before He sends judgment, they will eventually have to pay the price of living an Ungodly life. 

So, ultimately, Peter wrote the second epistle or second letter to warn the Believers about false teachers who were promoting damaging doctrines that were not according to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The basic theme that runs through II Peter is “the contrast between the knowledge and practice of truth versus falsehood.” This second epistle was written also to expose the danger of the false teaching that was being spread throughout the body of Christ within, and why it was so necessary for them to be aware of this. Peter encouraged them to be on guard so they would “not be led astray with the error of the wicked.”

So, Peter again began this second letter by identifying himself. He identified himself as a servant first, then an apostle of Jesus Christ. Before we put titles before our names, we should always make sure our first title is that of servant’s heart. Then, Peter addressed the Believers acknowledging that they all share the same precious faith given to them by Jesus Christ which makes them righteous with God. But they must make their calling and election sure. 

The more we get to know Jesus, we find that it is His divine power that gives us everything we need to live a Godly life as He has called us by His own glory and virtue. So, Peter emphasized that Jesus had given us exceeding great and precious promises so that as Believers we might be partakers of the divine nature and escape the corruption that is in the world caused by evil desires. But we have also been given benefits when we apply these promises to our lives. 

Therefore, we should make sure we diligently add to our faith virtue (moral excellence), then add knowledge (to know God better), then add temperance (self-control), then add patience (endurance), then add godliness (devoutly religious), then add brotherly kindness (love one for another), then add charity (love). Then, the more you grow in these promises, they will help keep you from being unproductive and ineffective in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

But, if you lack these things, you become blind and unable to see the blessings ahead of you because you have forgotten all that God did to cleanse you from your past sins.  That’s why it is so important to make your calling and election sure (or your relationship with God), so you will not stumble or fall away from the truth but inherit Eternal Life. Peter said even though you know these things and I have told you before, I will still continue to put these truths before you to keep you in remembrance of what God requires. 

Peter then reiterated to the Believers that when we preached to you of the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and His return, this was not fairy tales that we made up, but we actually lived and saw this with our very own eyes. Peter said: “We literally heard God the Father say as Jesus was baptized: This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” This gives us an even greater confidence to believe what the prophets of old said. 

Their words are now like a light shining in darkness to guide us to the day of Christ and Christ becomes the day star that arises in our hearts. But, most important, we must know that no prophecy in scripture came from the prophet’s interpretation of what he thought or his opinion. But these men of God were all moved and inspired by the Holy Ghost, and they spoke not under the influence of man, but by the Holy Spirit. We’ll stop here and pick up next week at the ELC as we delve into Chapter 2 of the book of II Peter to discuss the danger and destruction of false teachers in the body of Christ. 

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