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The Rock Book 1 Part 6

We left off last week in Chapter 5 with Apostle Peter as he gave the responsibilities of the Pastor to the flock of God as their Shepherd. Now, Peter addressed the responsibility of the flock to the Pastors or leaders. In I Peter 5:5 Peter addressed them as younger, not referring to age only, but also their submission to authority under the subjection of the leader God placed other them. 

The flock should give honor to whom God has placed over them in order for them to profit from the God given shepherds. Sheep must not walk in prideful ambition but should walk in humility because God resists or opposes you when the spirit of pride is in you. But the good news is, if you humble yourself under God’s mighty hand (you make the choice), He will exalt or promote you at the precise right time.

So, be sure to humble yourself to whom God has placed over you. Then, Peter knowing that further tests awaited them, encouraged the Believers in v.7: “Casting (i.e. present tense which means to do daily) all your care upon Him; for He careth (meaning He continues to care) for you.” in every area of your life. 

First, let’s look at 3 significant words in v. 7;1) cast: “to cause to move or send forth by throwing, to get rid of and throw away;” 2) care: synonyms for care are anxiety, concerns, solicitude, and worry; careth: (which means to continue to care, and never stop caring based on the person or the situation). It also means to be: “watchful, protective, concerned, and prudent, to do things that are needed to help and protect you.” 

So, as we translate v. 7 in the ELV (Elect Lady Version) it says: “Throw away or get rid of any pressure, anxiety, or worries (whether personal, health, family, job, finances, friends, etc.) because God is always concerned about you.” He will be watchful and protective to do all that is needed to help and protect you. Now, you don’t throw the person away, but you cast the pressure of carrying them to God. 

Peter, then reminded the Believers, although God is with you and for you, you must realize that you have an adversary called the devil, who is like a roaring lion walking about boldly seeking to devour whoever he can. Therefore, you must make sure you are sober i.e. having sound judgment and keeping a careful watch for possible dangers or traps. You can do this as you resist the devil by making a firm stand in the faith and realize you are not alone because your brothers and sisters are suffering and making a stand all over the world just like you.

Apostle Peter, then gave the conclusion to his letter by stating the confidence we should have in the God of all grace; who had called us to share in His eternal glory through Jesus Christ. This will come to pass after we have suffered for a period of time (and only God knows how much suffering we need to bear, but yet not allowing us to suffer beyond what we can bear) then God will restore us, establish us, make us strong, so that we are on a firm foundation. 

That is why all the glory, honor and praise belongs to God forever. Silvanus or Silas who assisted Peter in distributing this letter is esteemed by Peter as a faithful brother (putting confidence in the Jews that had skepticism concerning Silas because he was a minister of the Gentiles). Then, Peter assured them that what he had shared with them in his letter is the true grace of God and that they should stand firm in.  

Lastly, Peter being at Babylon in Assyria when he wrote this epistle, sent greetings from the church there, along with Marcus, or the evangelist Mark, whom Peter considered his spiritual son. Peter encouraged them to have a fervent love one toward another by greeting each other with a “holy kiss.” We don’t do a lot of kissing in our churches today because of our society. Then, Peter pronounced the blessings of peace upon them all. 

We will stop here and pick up next week in the ELC as we continue our study of Peter, the rock, stepping into 2 Peter which is the second letter Peter sent to the church.

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