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Open The Bible

As I was preparing to read my Bible, I glanced at the front cover and it said: “The Open Bible.” So, I thought to myself, “How many people actually open their Bibles? We can become so busy and preoccupied with opening so many things in life i.e. opening new careers, opening financial accounts, families, jobs, etc. until we don’t take time to open the most important thing in our lives which is the Bible, the Word of God. It is said “biblical literacy” is one of the major problems in the American church which causes many challenges. 

The problem is, people in churches (and more so people who don’t go to church) may give lip service to the importance of the Bible, but for the most part, they don’t read it or know it.” So, in other words they don’t Open the Bible!  So, how can you be effective at what you say, you earnestly believe and live by, if it’s not a priority in your life to read and study the Bible? 

Some of the problems you’re facing in life would not be a problem or you could find a solution to many problems, if you would just open the Bible. But, when I say open the Bible, I don’t mean just open it and read it lackadaisical, but I mean open your heart to receive what is says, and then obey it. The comedian, Kevin Hart tells the story of when he graduated from High School and wanted to make a career in Comedy. 

His Mother was concerned if he could make a living doing Comedy. So, she said: “Kevin, you have 1 year to prove yourself whether you can make a living doing Comedy; but I want you take this Bible along with you.” So, Kevin left, got an apartment, and worked on this career. He loved it, but he wasn’t making much money. So, he called his mother numerous times asking for help on his rent. 

But she would always reply: “Kevin have you opened your Bible?” He would reply “No Mom, I just need money for rent. This went on for months. In frustration, he got angry with his mother and said: “Mom, come on, I’ve getting eviction notices, they’re going to kick me out. Can you just send me some money for rent? But, again, she replied, Kevin, you need to read your Bible and then we can talk. 

Out of desperation, Kevin finally opened the Bible and as he flipped through the Bible 6 months of rent in envelopes fell out! His answer was to Open the Bible! There was another story of a son who was graduating from college, and he had picked out a sports car that he wanted. His Father was a very prosperous man and certainly could afford the car. 

But, after graduation, his father called him to his office and told him how proud he was of him as his son, and how much he loved him. Then, he handed him a very expensive leather Bible with his name engraved in gold. The son was very upset and stormed out of the office, and never spoke to his father again! Many years later, the son became very successful and was doing well in his own business. He had a beautiful home and a wonderful family. 

But then, he realized that his father was old, and he had not seen his Father since his graduation. So, he felt the need to go back and visit his father. But, before, he could make arrangements to go see him, he got a call from the funeral director saying his father had passed, and had willed all his possessions to him, and he needed to come there immediately to take care of things. 

When the Son arrived at his Father’s house, sadness and regret filled his heart. But, as he looked through his father’s important documents, he found the Bible that his Father had given him at his graduation. It still looked brand new! As the son tearfully turned the pages in the Bible, he saw that his Father had carefully underlined Matthew 7:11: “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?” 

As the son read that verse, a car key dropped from the back of the Bible. It had a tag on it with the car dealer’s name; the same dealer that had the sports car the son wanted. On the tag, it had his graduation date and in big bold letters it said: “PAID IN FULL!”  Now, there may not be rent money falling out the Bible or new car keys in the back of the Bible; but as you open the Bible and believe what it says and trust God, you will find hope in the pages that can equip you how to live life abundantly, and with Jesus as the pilot to direct your paths in this life and in the life to come.  So, I admonish you to make it a priority to “Open the Bible through-out this 2024 year and always!

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