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I’ve Got A Made Up Mind 

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Some things in life require you to have a made-up mind! You have to settle in your mind and heart who you are, what your true purpose is in life, and then stick with it, no matter what! You should not allow circumstances, or people (whether family or friends), wealth, lack, fame, intellect, etc. to deter you from your God given purpose; even when it’s difficult or unpleasant. 

In the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, we find that these 4 Hebrew boys had a determined made-up mind, not to allow culture to dictate who they would become. Sometimes, we lean on culture too much as an excuse for our behavior and lifestyle as to why we have become what we are. But these 4 Hebrew boys took a total different perspective regardless of the culture, because they had a made up mind. 

They refused to let culture dictate or redefine them, but they maintained a status of steadfastness that overruled the culture of their times. They remained loyal to God and who they were. Let’s look at their beginnings and how they dealt with culture, despite their being in captivity, while having a made-up mind. Daniel chapter 1 began with king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon besieging Jerusalem and taking authority over the people of Judah.

He then ordered Ashpenaz, the chief of his palace officials to select certain young men from the royal families of Judah with special qualifications. They were to be strong, healthy, handsome, very intelligent, and have the poise to stand before the king. They were to be taken from Jerusalem and deported to Babylon. Upon arrival, king Nebuchadnezzar appointed them a daily provision from the king’s table. 

Among those selected of the children of Israel were Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. But these 4 Hebrew boys resolved or had “a made up mind” not to defile themselves with the king’s table or the culture. So, Daniel asked permission from Ashpenaz that they be excused from indulging in the King’s meal, although the king had ordered that specific meals be given to all the young men who were selected, and they go thru a 3 year curriculum. 

But isn’t it interesting, when you have a made up mind to do the right thing, God will bring you into favor to accomplish what’s in your made up mind or heart. Daniel 1:9 said: “Now God had brought Daniel into favour and tender love with (Ashpenaz) the prince of the eunuchs.” We find when you have a made up mind, culture will submit to you and not you submit to the culture. 

Most people would assume these Hebrew boys were put in an adverse situation which they had no control over. They were in captivity, deported from their families, and given orders by the king. So, what other choice did they have but to change and submit to their environment? But, that’s not your only option, when you have a made up mind and God gives you favor. 

Remember to always check your response with the Word of God and sound doctrine! Perhaps, these boys remembered what their forefather David had said in Psalm 141:4: “…And let me not eat of their dainties.” So, although the king changed the names of these 4 Hebrew boys, he couldn’t change their nature. And, because the favor of God was upon them, Ashpenaz, put his life on the line by yielding to Daniels’ request, to allow them to eat of their Hebrew diet instead of the King’s meal for 10 days; then compare their countenance to the other young men, and then make his decision.
Ashpenaz agreed and after 10 days, the 4 Hebrew boys were healthier and better nourished than all of the other young men because they had a made up mind to obey God and not the culture. Daniel 1:17 said: God gave these 4 Hebrew boys “knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom: and Daniel had learning in all visions and dreams.” So, after completing a strenuous 3 year academic course, the 4 Hebrew boys were brought before Nebuchadnezzar to be questioned in their knowledge and understanding.

After examining them, the king concluded, there was no comparison to their knowledge and the knowledge of the other young men. As a matter of fact, these 4 Hebrew boys were 10 times wiser that all the magicians and astrologers in his entire kingdom so they were all promoted. 

But, in contrast don’t be like Demas, and allow culture and the dainties of this world to sway you from the made up mind you use to have; because now, you have fallen in love this present world. So, I leave you with I Cor 15:58: “… be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord…”  Well, I’ve got a made up mind, what about you?

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