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Facing The Conundrums Of Life

As I was preparing for a word for the ELC, I ran across the word conundrum. When I googled the word, it mentioned the movie: “Waiting To Exhale” was a conundrum. I have never seen the movie, but I’ve heard of it! It appears to be about the ups and downs women go through for happiness. 

But, when asked the question if the movie was a great movie, the reply was “it was a bit of a conundrum because if you list its individual features, you would think it would be a great piece of film – stellar cast (of 4 famous actresses), a plot that explores timeless themes; but it just doesn’t come together the way you’d hope.” 

So, exactly what is a conundrum? Webster defines conundrum as: “a problem or puzzle that is difficult or almost impossible to solve; or it’s a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun.” For example: Should I divorce my husband that constantly brings terror to our home or let him stay for the sake of the children having a father in the home because he’s a good provider but have no peace in our home. 

A person is faced with the conundrum of finding a good job but having no experience. Or “what’s the difference between a jeweler and a jailer? One sales watches and the other watches cells. Or why didn’t the lost hiker starve in the desert? Because of the “sand which” is there.” Ok Cute! 

But, in actual life, how do we deal with the conundrums of life. Do we give up and throw in the tile? Do we bury our head under the covers of life and become depressed? Do we allow hopelessness to defeat our belief that all things are possible? How do we overcome? 

By returning to the Manufacturer and Creator of all mankind and life. Don’t run from God or hide from God but run to God and present yourself and the problem you’re facing! If Solomon, the wisest man that ever lived could solve conundrums in life; including the story of two newborn babies that were born the same night and one of the mothers rolled on the baby and smothers him, but places the dead baby with the other Mother and puts the live baby with herself. 

Solomon then asked that a sword be given him and he would give both of them half of the baby. The false Mother agreed, but the real Mother’s heart was moved with compassion and said don’t kill him, let her have him. Then, I Kings 3:28 said: “And all Israel heard of the judgment which the king had judged; and they feared the king: for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him, to do judgment.” 

So, if God can give that kind of wisdom to a man to help answer mankind’s conundrums, what more will he do if you go to the source which is God, who gives to all of us wisdom liberally when we ask Him. (James 1:5) So, don’t just have a conundrum, but have a conversation with God!

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