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Be Glad That The Lord Has Kept You Another Day

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Sometimes You Just Have To Encourage Yourself and Say: Thank God For Just Another Day That the Lord has kept me. So, here’s a little poem to encourage you today!
Sometimes you’re confused and feel misused
And maybe even sometimes feel abused
But you should never be amused
By the Enemy who unlawfully accused
Because this too will pass
And God will not allow it to last
Learn to take problems and cast
And allow the Word of God to be a blast
As the joy of the Lord moves in, O’ so fast.
So, I may be worn, but I’m not worn out
It’s been a difficult bout
But I’m not about to pout
Because God will bring me out without a doubt.
So, don’t be discouraged, but be encouraged
And learn to flourish, despite the feeling of being undernourished
For the time will come when you will concur
That you’re glad you remained, the saint that you were.
So, it’s just another day
For me to boldly say
The Lord has kept me today
And I’m yet living in the Narrow Way.

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