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What Makes Us Eternally Satisfied?  (Part 2)

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As we continue the story of the drug lord named Pablo Escabar, we will find out if his riches satisfied him temporally or eternally. Last week, we talked about all the wealth he acquired as a notorious drug cartel. It was also reported that he was responsible for thousands of deaths, including judges, and 3 Columbian presidential candidates. You had to agree with Escabar and his terms, by accepting money as a bribe or be killed.

But, yet he wanted to be loved and admired by people, and even wanted to become the President of Columbia. He gave large sums of money to schools, feeding the poor, and charities. But, when Escobar realized, he would never have a shot at becoming Columbia’s president, he retaliated as a terrorist. Later, while trying to escape for his insurrection and the many crimes he had committed, Escabar was gunned down by Columbian law enforcement.

He was killed while running on top of a series of roof tops in a Medellin middle class neighborhood at the age of 44. Escobar leaves a wife, a son, and a daughter to reap devastation at the expense of his temporal satisfaction. How can what makes one rich bring satisfaction, if the same wealth makes others poor? People striving for satisfaction at the expense of their family and friends make them all poor in the end.

After his death, his wife Maria becomes a widow at the age of 32. She longed for a stable life for her and her children, but instead they inherited lives as fugitives, fleeing and hiding from one place to another. They all changed their names for protection because of the negative impact Escobar forced upon their lives, while struggling to live a low profile life. His son later became an architect, and then, a motivational speaker.

He states: “My father is not a person to be imitated. He showed us the path we must never take as a society because it is the path to self-destruction, the loss of values and a place where life ceases to have importance.” What a horrible legacy to leave to your children based on temporal satisfaction.

So, I admonish you as Paul instructed Timothy. Of all the things to pursue in life; while seeking for satisfaction, it can never be attained unless you achieve these two things. To be Eternally Satisfied, you must be able to acquire and live by these 2 principles that are found in I Timothy 6:6: which says: “But 1) Godliness with 2) contentment is great gain.” 

David simplifies this principle in Psalms 37:16 which says: “A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked.” But, Godliness and contentment cannot be separated, or optional to choose one or the other. And, when you apply these 2 principles to your daily lives, you will not only inherit Eternal Satisfaction, but also in this life receive peace and contentment as you travel life’s journey with God.” 


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