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The Passion of Paul: Week 1 | Every Paul Needs a Saul | Divine Discoveries

April 17, 2023

Tonight we're going to be talking about the passion of Paul. We love the Apostle Paul and other than Jesus one of the prime
one of the prime characters in the New Testament. He's kind of like the Moses of the New Testament. You can't say you love the Bible and don't love the writings of Paul, there's none like him. So in this series we're going to talk about the life and ministry of Paul the Apostle, specifically his passion and what drove him to be the man he used to be and the man that he would ultimately become. Saul never formally had his name changed to Paul but it's seen many of the negative things and his past were tied to his Saul persona and many of the positive things of his life and his future were tied to his Paul persona.

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Tomb Raiders of Jesus Christ | Resurrecting What Was Lost | Divine Discoveries Easter Celebration

April 3, 2023

Gethsemane,  of all the places that Jesus could have picked why do you think he picked a garden. You would have thought Jesus would have picked the mountain because he did the Beatitudes up on the mountain or Mount Sinai where he gave the Ten Commandments or maybe he picked Mount Tabor and where Jesus appeared with Moses and the Prophet Elijah. He didn't pick any of these mountains but he picked a garden not even the temple. He went to the Temple in every city that he entered; it seemed like he would have picked something like this Why do you think he picked this Garden, why the garden?

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Iron Sharpens Iron: When Am I Ready? | Divine Discoveries

March 27, 2023

Now that you have been through the process and come out as sharpened weapons that means that you're ready now and you got everything right. right? We have a little more that we want to add to you. There are some things that still need to be sharpened or we want to make sure that you continue to be sharp. The Bible says that it's not how well we start but it's how well we finish so that's what we're intending to do on this evening. When Are You Ready?

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Iron Sharpens Iron: What Hurts Will Be Hit | Divine Discoveries

March 20, 2023

We're going to talk about what hurts will be hit. It's important to know that there are things we can be a little schizophrenic we can actually want God to make us better so that we can be better but we won't let him into the areas that need to be perfected. We really want God to do more applauding of us and telling us that we're already better than best and to tell us that we are already more than conquerors but if the truth really be told there may be a conqueror on the inside there but he may not have all of his equipment just yet. In order for him to swing that sword we may need to have the Holy Ghost take us through some calisthenics to build up our strength to swing the sword and those are the ouch parts that we don't like to deal with but sometimes we have to go right into that.

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Iron Sharpens Iron: Learn to listen | Divine Discoveries

March 13, 2023

As we get into iron sharpening iron we're going to find out to be a real man of God or a real woman of God you're going to have to have some iron in your life at some time or another you got to expect for that sharp iron to come in for you to really be made you can't be made with a dull blade you need some sharpness.

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How to Love Series: Broken Hearts Mended | Divine Discoveries

February 27, 2023

We are into week three of our series on how to love. We pray you are more equipped on how to love. Tonight we're going to be dealing with a very familiar subject a broken heart. We've learned how to love different types of people and to understand and how to relate to their love language as we dealt last week with the five love languages. We have to understand that a broken-hearted person is a person that has not really learned how to process their love language. They haven't learned the process so the Broken-hearted person has once known what it was to feel loved and they know what it is to feel lost and then they know what it is to feel like the least person and sometimes they've experienced all three of these situations at the same time because their heart was broken. So many people are trying to operate and live life without fixing that broken heart and that broken heart can lead to some very detrimental situations but by the grace of God we're going to try to mend some of that broken heart.

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How to Love Series: Love Language Breakdown | Divine Discoveries

February 20, 2023

Last week we dealt with how to love and we talked about loved ones lost ones and the least ones. We pray that was a blessing to you and this week we're going to tackle those five love languages. I use the word tackle because we're gonna bring them into subjection we're going to get out there and capture it bring them into subjection and make them be applicable to your lives and our lives on tonight. We're gonna try to help you on tonight know how to love and how to have a foundation that continues to love/ One thing that is very disappointing is when you give a message and people take it for the moment You're supposed to take a message and apply it to the rest of your life; it is not supposed to be momentary but take it and apply it to the rest of your life.

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How to Love Series: Loved Ones, Lost Ones, Least Ones | Divine Discoveries

February 13, 2023

February is considered the love month. So in this series we will break down how to love each other more effectively and more efficiently not just to do it but we want to do it the right way; that it's effective and efficient. In this series we're going to teach people how to not withhold love. Not to be begrudging with love but simply to give back love because it is the right thing to do. If God is love and we're a part of him we should be demonstrating love in our lives. So we call this series The how to love . It's going to be a blessing and we're sure everyone's going to learn something from this and it's not just a cliche we're throwing out because it's February but we're throwing it out because it is the word of the Lord and God desires that we have this kind of relationship.

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Black History Month Show | Divine Discoveries

February 6, 2023

On Divine discoveries we'll be talking about the history and heritage of the black church and how it commemorates or defines and inspires Us in this 21st century. It's going to be great. Welcome to Divine discoveries and in honor of Black History Month we will have a pertinent conversation, celebration and commemoration on the history of the black church we will Journey back in time and era. We're going to Journey back in time and era that have made us and the black church what it is today. So please sit tight have your ears opened your heart open and I believe it's going to be a blessing to you tonight.

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Taking Out the Trash in Your Life | Divine Discoveries

January 16, 2023

Tonight on Divine discoveries we're going to be discussing taking out the trash of your life. We are going to talk about things that need to be discarded in our lives that have stayed there far too long. As we have stepped into a new year let's help you declutter areas in your heart, your mind, and overall your life and get ready to make room for what God has for you by taking the trash out of your life.

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The Ghost of Christmas Future - See Yourself Better in the Future | Divine Discoveries

December 19, 2022

We have found out that had to defeat two special hindrances and that was our past and our present. That was a hurdle that we had to get over for us to be able to get to the future. We have to be able to jump those two hurdles before we get into what we call the Blessed future. We're getting ready to get in the Blessed future and if you can positively embrace this challenge, you make sure the challenges you're going through turns out for the better and not for the worse you'll have a successful future.

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The Ghose of Christmas Present | Don’t let your present define you | Divine Discoveries

December 12, 2022

It's good when you can look back on your past and you learn and grow from it. You know in every moment of your life has some kind of significance to it. So if God has allowed you to have a past why not grow from it learn from it and become a better you for today.

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The Ghost of Christmas Past: Stop Letting Your Past Haunt You | Divine Discoveries

December 5, 2022

We have an exciting series to present to you tonight on Divine Discovery and it's called The Ghost of
Christmas. All those spirits that taunt us about our past our presene sometime and our future. Tonight we're going to talk about tis the season in this season. We'll talk about three things we are confronted with during the Christmas season.

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Thankful Beyond Thanksgiving | Thankfulness the Way God Intended

November 28, 2022

Thankfulness used to be such a common thing in our society. Children were raised that if someone does did something for you or showed any kind of kindness your response was always to be thank you. As a matter of fact if you didn't say thank you the parent would make you go back and say thank you. You were raised with those kind of hospitalities that we just automatically did but now you look back and thankfulness or Thanksgiving is almost a lost art.

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Your Green Light Moment | When God Says Go... | Divine Discoveries

November 21, 2022

Tonight we're going to discuss in our personal lives how the green light could tell us when we should proceed and sometimes when we should not proceed. We're going to get a good understanding because spiritually there's a big difference in when you say go green light and When God says go green light, it's a big difference so we're going to find out the difference. Beware green lights can give you a false sense of security.

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Traffic Lights of Life: Knowing When to be Cautious

November 14, 2022

When God gives you a yellow light it cannot be mistaken and for you to go beyond the yellow light it is your own volition. It is you  intending to go beyond God's yellow light and that donkey said these words don't you see that red light up ahead the red light was an angel with a sword in his hand prepared to kill Balaam. God opened the donkey's mouth, God opened his mouth the same one that told him not to go was gracious enough to open the donkey's mouth and the donkey said now here is a yellow light. Natural 
yellow lights they don't just tell you only slow down and the red light is about to come they tell you the red light is about to come but there's a green light on the other side and something can come from that green light that will take you out.

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Red Light: Knowing When to Stop | The Traffic Lights of Life | Divine Discoveries

November 7, 2022

Tonight's topic is traffic lights of life. Light has been essential to our world ever since the creation of time it has had a very essential point. When you look at Genesis 1:2, 3 it says the Earth was without form and void; it was formless, it was empty, complete darkness and according to Genesis the very first thing that is recorded that God created was light. When he created light, light has been here ever since and we have needed light every since the creation of time.

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Is Witchcraft Real? | Why Demons Don't Leave | Exploring All Things Supernatural

October 31, 2022

The goal of our program is to educate our viewers about the existence power and control of strange spirits and how we can overcome them through the power of Jesus Christ. Do people really practice witchcaft today, is it relevant in our side society today?

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Jesus and Abortion? | Global Warming | Is the End inevitable? | The Good News Report

October 24, 2022

We found it can be difficult to follow everything that's going on in the news and many times the views shared do not align with the word of God/ Today on Divine discoveries we want to aim to present you with information as well as revelation  as we tackle some of the most pressing issues in our time along with the stories that need more attention.

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Women's Health: Talking Self Care, Things You NEED to Know, Spiritual and Natural Health and More

October 10, 2022

In honor of breast cancer awareness month we will be we will be discussing Women's Health. According to the center of Disease Control CDC women are central caregivers but they're also at greater risk for poor physical and mental health; including depression and anxiety. It is important for caregivers to maintain a healthy lifestyle maintain their stress and reach out for support as needed. So we're going to Identify some things that really are going to help women. When you help the woman as a caregiver you're not only helping her but you're helping your children, your spouses, your mother, fathers and many other people.

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The Days of Noah: The Aftermath. Can We Recover? | Divine Discoveries

October 3, 2022

It’s very interesting how God takes one family line and God can do so much with people. We find out also Noah covers about five chapters in the Bible you know we have usually we have like one chapter of them but Noah goes to chapter five all the way to chapter 10. Noah was the only righteous person in his generation that and look how long they lived; you know a generation is usually composed about maybe 40 years but to be when he called him he was 500.

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Ark of Safety: Preparing for the Rain | A Deep Dive into Noah's Ark| Divine Discoveries

September 26, 2022

Sometimes to have faith in God you need umbrella on a sunny day sunny day God sometimes calls for an umbrella on a sunny day and that's just what Noah had to do.  Noah had to have the preparation and protection from the rain even though it had never rained. Noah was an ordinary man with supernatural faith in God.

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The Ark of Safety: Preaching the Impossible | Divine Discoveries

September 19, 2022

We are stepping from the winners playbook into a brand new series. In this series we will look back on the story of Noah and examine the parallels between the days he lived and how they equate to the 21st century we're going to understand the ways Noah represented God's ever present remnant. We will discuss the evil time in which Noah had to build an ark of safety, the execution of the plan, coordination to get the animals into the ark, and the 40 days of riding out the storm to the rainbow covenant after the flood and the time of restoration

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The Winner's Playbook | The Jealous Win | Divine Discoveries

August 29, 2022

The jealous win is having success on your own but not being content because you're comparing your win with someone elses. You can't be satisfied with your win because you're looking at others.

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