Bishop & Elect Lady Owens dive into topics that directly affect each of us today, offering their wisdom and insight, as they discuss issues with panelist, guests and even take live questions.

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Thankful Beyond Thanksgiving | Thankfulness the Way God Intended

November 28, 2022

Thankfulness used to be such a common thing in our society. Children were raised that if someone does did something for you or showed any kind of kindness your response was always to be thank you. As a matter of fact if you didn't say thank you the parent would make you go back and say thank you. You were raised with those kind of hospitalities that we just automatically did but now you look back and thankfulness or Thanksgiving is almost a lost art.

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Your Green Light Moment | When God Says Go... | Divine Discoveries

November 21, 2022

Tonight we're going to discuss in our personal lives how the green light could tell us when we should proceed and sometimes when we should not proceed. We're going to get a good understanding because spiritually there's a big difference in when you say go green light and When God says go green light, it's a big difference so we're going to find out the difference. Beware green lights can give you a false sense of security.

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Traffic Lights of Life: Knowing When to be Cautious

November 14, 2022

When God gives you a yellow light it cannot be mistaken and for you to go beyond the yellow light it is your own volition. It is you  intending to go beyond God's yellow light and that donkey said these words don't you see that red light up ahead the red light was an angel with a sword in his hand prepared to kill Balaam. God opened the donkey's mouth, God opened his mouth the same one that told him not to go was gracious enough to open the donkey's mouth and the donkey said now here is a yellow light. Natural 
yellow lights they don't just tell you only slow down and the red light is about to come they tell you the red light is about to come but there's a green light on the other side and something can come from that green light that will take you out.

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Red Light: Knowing When to Stop | The Traffic Lights of Life | Divine Discoveries

November 7, 2022

Tonight's topic is traffic lights of life. Light has been essential to our world ever since the creation of time it has had a very essential point. When you look at Genesis 1:2, 3 it says the Earth was without form and void; it was formless, it was empty, complete darkness and according to Genesis the very first thing that is recorded that God created was light. When he created light, light has been here ever since and we have needed light every since the creation of time.

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Is Witchcraft Real? | Why Demons Don't Leave | Exploring All Things Supernatural

October 31, 2022

The goal of our program is to educate our viewers about the existence power and control of strange spirits and how we can overcome them through the power of Jesus Christ. Do people really practice witchcaft today, is it relevant in our side society today?

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Jesus and Abortion? | Global Warming | Is the End inevitable? | The Good News Report

October 24, 2022

We found it can be difficult to follow everything that's going on in the news and many times the views shared do not align with the word of God/ Today on Divine discoveries we want to aim to present you with information as well as revelation  as we tackle some of the most pressing issues in our time along with the stories that need more attention.

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Women's Health: Talking Self Care, Things You NEED to Know, Spiritual and Natural Health and More

October 10, 2022

In honor of breast cancer awareness month we will be we will be discussing Women's Health. According to the center of Disease Control CDC women are central caregivers but they're also at greater risk for poor physical and mental health; including depression and anxiety. It is important for caregivers to maintain a healthy lifestyle maintain their stress and reach out for support as needed. So we're going to Identify some things that really are going to help women. When you help the woman as a caregiver you're not only helping her but you're helping your children, your spouses, your mother, fathers and many other people.

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The Days of Noah: The Aftermath. Can We Recover? | Divine Discoveries

October 3, 2022

It’s very interesting how God takes one family line and God can do so much with people. We find out also Noah covers about five chapters in the Bible you know we have usually we have like one chapter of them but Noah goes to chapter five all the way to chapter 10. Noah was the only righteous person in his generation that and look how long they lived; you know a generation is usually composed about maybe 40 years but to be when he called him he was 500.

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Ark of Safety: Preparing for the Rain | A Deep Dive into Noah's Ark| Divine Discoveries

September 26, 2022

Sometimes to have faith in God you need umbrella on a sunny day sunny day God sometimes calls for an umbrella on a sunny day and that's just what Noah had to do.  Noah had to have the preparation and protection from the rain even though it had never rained. Noah was an ordinary man with supernatural faith in God.

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The Ark of Safety: Preaching the Impossible | Divine Discoveries

September 19, 2022

We are stepping from the winners playbook into a brand new series. In this series we will look back on the story of Noah and examine the parallels between the days he lived and how they equate to the 21st century we're going to understand the ways Noah represented God's ever present remnant. We will discuss the evil time in which Noah had to build an ark of safety, the execution of the plan, coordination to get the animals into the ark, and the 40 days of riding out the storm to the rainbow covenant after the flood and the time of restoration

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The Winner's Playbook | The Jealous Win | Divine Discoveries

August 29, 2022

The jealous win is having success on your own but not being content because you're comparing your win with someone elses. You can't be satisfied with your win because you're looking at others.

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The Winner's Playbook: How to be Coachable | Improving Spiritual and Self Development

August 22, 2022

Find out how to perfect your goals to become a winner. Everyone needs a coach to make you a better you. FInd out what the role of a coach is.

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The Winner's Playbook: Stop the Losing Streak | Divine Discoveries

August 15, 2022

Learn why we should have no more losing seasons. It's one thing to have a losing day but there is a problem when you are in a losing season...

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Miracles PM: The Aftermath | Time of Miracles Recap | Divine Discoveries

August 8, 2022

After a powerful week of revival, we recap what can only be described as miraculous. In an interview with the keynote speaker, Prophetess Patricia A. Owens, and the panel discuss further the miraculous power of God, and answer questions regarding faith, the path of miracles, and how to receive the miracles God has for you.

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A, B, C's of Abuse | Are you an Abuser? | Divine Discoveries

August 1, 2022

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Swallowed Up🐳: in Uncertainty | Can Unresolved Issues Keep You Out of Heaven? || The Jonah Series

July 25, 2022

In this final installment of the Swallowed Up Series we see Jonah spit out of the belly of the whale, and onto the mission God intended for him. However, like many of us, due to unresolved issues of his past, he completes his mission, but with the wrong attitude. Find out what you can learn from Jonah, and how you can overcome many of the unresolved issues in your life.

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Swallowed Up🐳: in HELL || The Jonah Series

July 18, 2022

This week we take a deep dive into the life of Jonah. But before the Big Fish, there’s a life of Jonah that lead to his great encounter. Resentment, Hatred, and Stubbornness are the ingredients that lead to a life of being Swallowed up.

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Swallowed Up🐳: in The Storms of Life || The Jonah Series

July 11, 2022

In week two of our Jonah Series, we break down the Storms of life that not only rained on Jonah's parade, but also can drown us in depression, hurt, and stubbornness.

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Swallowed Up🐳: in Resentment / Drowning in Hatred / Sinking in Stubbornness || The Jonah Series

July 4, 2022

This week we take a deep dive into the life of Jonah. But before the Big Fish, there’s a life of Jonah that lead to his great encounter. Resentment, Hatred, and Stubbornness are the ingredients that lead to a life of being Swallowed up.

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Satan’s Favorite Weapons | The 7 Deadly Sins | Why You Fall Into Temptation

June 27, 2022

Pride, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony and Slothfulness. These were the ingredients chosen to make up what we know today as the 7 deadly sins. It seems that every time you turn on the news one of these deadly sins are being portrayed in some area of our country. As our world begins to compare more and more to the book of Revelations, we see how these deadly sins are magnified in our nations culture. From the tragedy in Uvalde, the conflict overseas, to the civil battles between the democratic and republican parties, it seems that we need to go back to the basics and discuss how sin has infiltrated our world. Coming up on Divine Discoveries we will not only discuss the 7 deadly sins, but teach you how to overcome these sins in your life by the power of God.

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The Generational Curses between Juneteenth & Father’s Day? | Divine Discoveries

June 20, 2022

Like those that have gone before us, many of us have been freed by the sacrifice our Lord and Savior paid at calvary; but still remain bound due to the generational curses of our past. This week on Divine Discoveries, as we celebrate Juneteenth & Father’s Day, we will be discussing the impact that generational curses can have on the mind, body, and spirit; and how to break free from the shackles that have had us bound. It’s time to be set free from generational curses. We hope to see you there.

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How to not Have Regrets in Life | Steps of Regret | Why Regret Can Be a Good Thing

June 13, 2022

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When “I Do” Isn’t Enough | Marry This Not That | How to Spot 🚩 in Relationships | Divine Discoveries

June 6, 2022

As the Summer draws closer, we enter closer and closer to that special time of year, the wedding season. But with divorce rates skyrocketing, do we know what we are getting ourselves into when we say “I DO”? Join us as we teach what to look for in a spouse and what you should avoid now to stay out of the divorce court. So grab your wedding rings and your fatigues…welcome to the Real Marriage Bootcamp.

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7 Steps to Unlocking a Healthier You | Stepping into Your Best Life

May 30, 2022

The key to living your balanced life is opening the door to to your best life.

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