Bishop & Elect Lady Owens dive into topics that directly affect each of us today, offering their wisdom and insight, as they discuss issues with panelist, guests and even take live questions.

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Peace in the WHEEL OF God's FORTUNE | The Keys for finding Peace | Divine Discoveries

October 16, 2023

With so much going on in the world and in day to day life, many people don’t have perfect peace and don’t know where to find it. Isaiah 26:3 tells us if you keep your mind stayed on God and trust him he will give you perfect peace. Tonight we will discuss what this means and how to apply it to your everyday life.

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Avengers of the Faith Part 3: Sequels in Superhero Movies | Divine Discoveries

October 2, 2023

Great superhero movies generate excitement and often lead to sequels, where the hero faces new challenges and villains. In this sequel of the Avengers of Faith Series, we’ll talk about the ultimate hero, the challenges that arise at greater heights and the ultimate sequel where faith overcomes all! Tune in for this final installment and uncover the hero in you!

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The Evil Ones | Nebuchadnezzar, Jezebel, Herodias etc. | Avengers of the Faith

September 25, 2023

Every Avenger of Faith has had to deal with something evil coming against them to stop the work of God. This week we will discuss the things that come against our faith, and how to overcome them. There are villains in this world who’s sole purpose is to defeat the works of God through his people. Tonight you’ll learn what to do about them!

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Avengers of the Faith | Divine Discoveries

September 18, 2023

While the heroes on screen are some of the best known, there are real heroes who have lived for God and done many great exploits. In this series we will call them the Avengers of Faith and breakdown their impact and influence on the generations that followed. In this first installment we’ll discuss our hero’s origin stories, the fear that comes with power and the trials along the journey. This show is sure to bless and inspire the hero in you!

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Youth Forum: "Preparing for the Beyond" | Divine Discoveries

September 11, 2023

Every year Minister Rachel and the staff take our young people just before school starts and they go on a retreat and every time they go and come back the whole church is lifted for what God does in the wilderness. So we're going to have some questions for them tonight.

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Proverbs 31 Woman: Marriage or Bust? | Divine Discoveries

September 4, 2023

Tonight we're going to be on the last part of our Proverbs 31 Woman. We've had three sessions and I hope everybody have enjoyed them and tonight we're gonna come with the last part of the Proverbs 31 Woman. We've talked a lot about the married woman but we could not leave all the single women that are doing a fabulous bang up fantastic job we wanted to include them also so we entitled it tonight marriage or bust a bad marriage or bus so we're going to talk about tonight amen the benefits of a Proverbs 31 Woman and whether a Proverbs 31 Woman has to be married?

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Proverbs 31 Woman: Her Husband Praiseth Her | Divine Discoveries

August 21, 2023

Many of us are familiar with Proverbs 31:28, “Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her Husband also, and he praiseth her.” This week we will delve into this virtue of the Proverbs 31 woman and what it means to be a woman who is worthy of praise in modern context. We’ll discover practical ways to apply this virtue, and instill inspiration and encouragement in every woman striving to be a Proverbs 31 woman in her marriage. And men, you’ll learn how to recognize the appreciate “praiseworthy” woman in your life.

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Proverbs 31 Woman: From Rachel to Ruth to Rahab | Divine Discoveries

August 14, 2023

Welcome to "Divine Discoveries! In this captivating and enlightening show, we delve into the lives and stories of three remarkable women who embody the essence of the Proverbs 31 Woman: Rachel, Ruth, and Rahab. Join us on a journey through time and faith as we explore the virtues, strength, and resilience that define these incredible biblical figures.

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Unlocking the Secrets of Christian Womanhood: Wisdom Across Generations! 🙏 | I'm Every Woman, In God

August 7, 2023

Tune in for a very special show that will hit every woman at every stage of life! We will hear from four different generations of women, including our Elect Lady Owens and a very special guest, and break down exactly what it means to be a Christian woman in today’s society.

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Fake Church: Millennial Minister | Divine Discoveries

July 31, 2023

Join us as we shine a spotlight on the upcoming generation and their crucial role in preserving the torch of truth and faith. It's time to pass the torch to these fresh voices who are poised to make a lasting impact. In this episode, we'll explore the significance of preparation and commitment. Discover how these young individuals are rising up, armed with knowledge, passion, and determination, to safeguard all that has been entrusted to them.
Join us for an eye-opening discussion on the importance of being real and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Don't miss out on this empowering installment of Divine Discoveries: Fake Church Series!

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Fake Church: Upon This Rock | Divine Discoveries

July 24, 2023

Join us for another captivating chapter of our "Fake Church" series as we delve deeper into the essence of a genuine foundation for the Church. Prepare to challenge preconceived notions and examine the authenticity of our faith communities. Discover the secrets to an unshakable foundation, one that withstands scrutiny and anchors us in God's truth. Embrace this transformative journey with us and together, let's build a stronger, more authentic Church.

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Fake Church: Everybody's a Hypocrite | Divine Discoveries

July 17, 2023

Many people are questioning and want to know what is the difference between fake church and Faith Church. After this series we pray that you will be enlightened and that you will be more informed how to spot and know the difference between the fake church and the Faith Church so stay with us.

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Divine Dining: Cooking with Purpose for a Healthy Temple

July 10, 2023

Tune in for a Divine Discoveries like no other! We're talking all about healthy eating! Along with our discussion we'll be cooking some healthy meals LIVE! Audience members will have the opportunity to learn and cook right along with us! Tune in for a night that will be Health to your soul and body!

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Deal or No Deal: Christian Edition - Wise Money Management in Real-Life Situations

July 3, 2023

This week on Divine Discoveries we're discussing all things pertaining to financial literacy. We'll discuss 5 major areas everyone needs to know about financial literacy and play a game of Deal or No Deal! Tune in to become a better you spiritually and financially!

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Rising Above Betrayal: The Path to Healing and Forgiveness | Divine Discoveries

June 26, 2023

We're going to talk about how to deal with betrayal. This is something that even Jesus had to endure in his Earthly life, he still had to deal with some betrayal. To be betrayed by someone can cause a wound sometimes that will never heal unless it's properly dealt with. We're going to break down three categories; why does betrayal happen? How do we handle it? What are the best ways to recover from betrayal?

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Father's of Faith: Reflecting on the Good, Learning from the Bad, and Embracing the Ugly

June 19, 2023

Tonight where we're celebrating fatherhood! We're gonna talk about the joys and maybe sometime the jolts fatherhood. It's a journey we want you to go with us and we'll find out what makes a good father or what can break a good father. What makes him and what breaks them so whether you're a father or either you're just a good father figure or maybe you're even the lack thereof, we hope to make a better you as a father after our program.

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Celebrating 35 Years of Ministry | Divine Discoveries

June 12, 2023

Immanuel's Temple started as a small community of believers with a shared vision of establishing a place where people could gather to worship, seek God and grow in their faith. The early years of Immanuel's Temple were marked by humble beginnings as the faithful few gathered in rented spaces, homes or temporary locations to hold their services despite the challenges they face their devotion and determination never wavered. The community grew steadily attracting individuals seeking a deeper connection with God in a supportive spiritual family. Over time as the congregation expanded Immanuel's Temple was able to secure a permanent location a testament to their faith and perseverance with a dedicated space the community flourished and various Ministries and programs were established to serve the needs of its members and the surrounding community.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Controversial: Exploring Biblical Mothers and the Lessons They Teach!

May 15, 2023

Join us as we celebrate motherhood and all it's Splendor and splinters. Journey with us through the joys of what it takes to be a mother as well as the juggling act it takes to keep a family together. So whether you're a soon-to-be mother, a mother or whether your grandmother or even someone that has appreciation for mothers as a whole this is a show for you.

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The Passion of Paul: The Unstoppable Force | Divine Discoveries

May 1, 2023

Paul has been through many many many many trials and tests to do the work of the Lord and he has finally come to the point that he has been accepted by the other Apostles it was a great work but we found out we feel like that if Paul has done that he's doing the work of God he's got the approval of the other Apostles so now you would think that everything is going to go smooth for Paul right? Wrong! Paul has just started the beginning of many things but now he has to go through a lot of other tests and trials that he never thought was going to happen to such a powerful man of God but we always tell you it's not how well you start is how well you finish you have to finish your course.

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The Passion of Paul: You're Called but No One Is Answering | Divine Discoveries

April 24, 2023

What is it like if you're called but no one is answering? You're called but no one is answering, for many of us there is an
adjustment period once we realize who we are in Christ and what he who has called us to do. The adjustment period is not just a personal thing it can also be felt by those around us and that aspect can sometimes take longer than we desire. So what do you do when you've been anointed, you feel like you've been appointed you called but it seems like nobody is recognizing what God has called you to do. Paul has sacrificed many things to get to this point so it was seeing his reward would be for the people to listen to his teachings and receive them readily but we find out it's a different scenario for Paul's calling.

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The Passion of Paul: Week 1 | Every Paul Needs a Saul | Divine Discoveries

April 17, 2023

Tonight we're going to be talking about the passion of Paul. We love the Apostle Paul and other than Jesus one of the prime
one of the prime characters in the New Testament. He's kind of like the Moses of the New Testament. You can't say you love the Bible and don't love the writings of Paul, there's none like him. So in this series we're going to talk about the life and ministry of Paul the Apostle, specifically his passion and what drove him to be the man he used to be and the man that he would ultimately become. Saul never formally had his name changed to Paul but it's seen many of the negative things and his past were tied to his Saul persona and many of the positive things of his life and his future were tied to his Paul persona.

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Tomb Raiders of Jesus Christ | Resurrecting What Was Lost | Divine Discoveries Easter Celebration

April 3, 2023

Gethsemane,  of all the places that Jesus could have picked why do you think he picked a garden. You would have thought Jesus would have picked the mountain because he did the Beatitudes up on the mountain or Mount Sinai where he gave the Ten Commandments or maybe he picked Mount Tabor and where Jesus appeared with Moses and the Prophet Elijah. He didn't pick any of these mountains but he picked a garden not even the temple. He went to the Temple in every city that he entered; it seemed like he would have picked something like this Why do you think he picked this Garden, why the garden?

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Iron Sharpens Iron: When Am I Ready? | Divine Discoveries

March 27, 2023

Now that you have been through the process and come out as sharpened weapons that means that you're ready now and you got everything right. right? We have a little more that we want to add to you. There are some things that still need to be sharpened or we want to make sure that you continue to be sharp. The Bible says that it's not how well we start but it's how well we finish so that's what we're intending to do on this evening. When Are You Ready?

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Iron Sharpens Iron: What Hurts Will Be Hit | Divine Discoveries

March 20, 2023

We're going to talk about what hurts will be hit. It's important to know that there are things we can be a little schizophrenic we can actually want God to make us better so that we can be better but we won't let him into the areas that need to be perfected. We really want God to do more applauding of us and telling us that we're already better than best and to tell us that we are already more than conquerors but if the truth really be told there may be a conqueror on the inside there but he may not have all of his equipment just yet. In order for him to swing that sword we may need to have the Holy Ghost take us through some calisthenics to build up our strength to swing the sword and those are the ouch parts that we don't like to deal with but sometimes we have to go right into that.

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