Defining Moments Can Bring Dividing Moments But Keep On Standing!

Many times we hear the phrase: “That was a defining moment in my life!” This phrase can mean many things to different people whether positive or negative. A defining moment is define as: “moments that shape and change us, and have a huge impact on our development and our choices.” They aren’t easy or recognizable when you’re experiencing these moments. But when you look back through hindsight, it becomes evident that these situations helped form who you were, who you are and even who you will become.

Certain moments can also define your beliefs and what is most important to you i.e. family rearing, marriage, divorce, physical and sexual abuse, education, finances, faith in God, etc. So, be careful of defining moments! It can affect the lives of the most genuine and passionate people and cause dividing moments. As we look at the passage of scripture in Matthew 11:2-6, we read of a defining moment in the life of John the Baptist. He is the son of two devout righteous parents.

His father, a priest by the name of Zacharias and his mother Elizabeth of the daughters of Aaron. His parents are both elderly, but as Zacharias is administering his priestly duties in the temple, the angel Gabriel appears to him and announces his prayers have been heard and they will have a son. (So, never stop praying and believing God, the longer you wait means God has a special plan for your prayer.)

Gabriel tells him to name his son John; he will be great in the sight of the Lord, and turn many of the Jews to the Lord. He will be filled with the Holy Ghost from his mother’s womb and operate in the spirit of Elijah. He shall prepare the people for the coming of Jesus Christ. (Luke 1:5-17) Just as it was spoken John had a great ministry and multitudes of people flock to his preaching and were saved and baptized; even Jesus is baptized by John.

It’s all good! But, as great as his ministry was, persecution came as well. John is later thrown in prison for preaching the truth. He tells King Herod it is wrong for him to take his brother’s wife in marriage; and Herod and his mistress Herodias become furious with John and he is put in prison. (Mark 6:17-24)

While in prison John not only has a defining moment but a dividing moment. In Matthew 11:2-6, John heard about all the great works Jesus was performing. Yet, he sends two of his disciples to go to Jesus and ask Him if He is really the Messiah or should we look for someone else? What happened?

It’s called a dividing moment; a time of grave uncertainty or life evaluation. John perhaps was overwhelmed with his circumstances. Why am I in prison for doing God’s will and purpose for my life? If Jesus is doing all these miracles why has he not rescued me? Should I have rebuked King Herod or just turned my head?

If King Herod and his wife are against me, how can any good come out of this situation? It’s a dividing moment! John has not abandoned his faith but he is divided in his thoughts because of his circumstances. Have you ever been there? He yet believes the prophesy of a Messiah coming according to the Word of God; he knows he has a call on his life; but he is perplexed as to whether he should continue to stand on what he has always believed or should he change his course?

Jesus doesn’t tell John’s servants to tell him: yes I am the Messiah. But, instead He tells them to show John how he is fulfilling the Word of God which proves who Jesus is. The Old Testament prophets were sent mostly to kings and princes, but Christ preached to the congregation of the poor; fulfilling the scripture in Luke 4:18-21 and Isaiah 61:1-3.

But when you’re going through those dividing times, Jesus warned us not to be offended. Offense can cause you to stop doing what is right or go the wrong direction. So, don’t let a defining moment become a dividing moment and you become offended which causes you to fall and not stand for God’s will for your life. Keep on standing!

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